Lake Tahoe Relay

June 8, 2002
This is a relay race that starts in South Lake Tahoe and runs 72 miles around the perimeter of the lake.

At the starting line: Chuck, Joe, John, Sandy, Jerry, Ann, and Suzanne.

They're off!

Jerry and Joe make a quick stop for "breakfast".

First handoff from Sandy to John.

Beautiful shoreline scenery on a perfect day.

Ann takes off for Leg 4.

Coach Sandy giving tips to the rookie runner, Suzanne.

Jerry giving tips on how to walk the line for Officer Krupke.

Blue Blockers are the official eyewear of the Larchmont Salt Flats Racing Team.

Bill Boyd's Cowboy Caddie is the official support vehicle of the Larchmont Salt Flats Racing Team.

Suzanne breaks the tape at the finish line...

...while race officials tally the times...

...and the band played on!