Larchmont Bowling Tournament

August 2002
Special thanks to Kim for the photos.

Dave Roll returns from Washington for a special guest appearance.

Big Guy shows off his form.

Ann and Bonnie stepping up to the line.

Bogie: "C'mon, that shoulda been a strike!"

Charlie doesn't bowl; he just comes for the beer and chips.  Carlos, too.

Sabora winds it up for the approach, while Carlos shows that he can beat us even with his eyes closed.

Clia shows George how it's supposed to be done. (He's not watching.)

Ellie, Grandma and Great Grandma Lila having fun.

Hoop and Jon:  "Watch us take out this photographer..."

Jerry's mantra: "Open mouth, throw strike."

Julie demonstrates her hook shot, while Steph thinks it over carefully.

Kim takes a break from picture-taking to knock down a few pins.

This is what being a Grampa is all about.

Hoop presents the coveted trophies to Carlos and Sandy, repeat champions from last year.

The Winners!